A new theme for a musician

Dear Community,

I’m looking for a new site for my songwriting friend (solo artist) RadioLukas based on WP and a good theme.
I made this site all myself by now, but this is missing some nowadays features and starts to look a bit corny.
To this day I know a little about WP & themes.

Here are some features, that should be included in the theme I’m looking for:

  • integrated audio player
  • directly access to videos on the landing page, should open in a showbox
  • home slider for nice spacy pictures
  • integration of facebook & twitter or optional an App for using it on facebook
  • tour, news in a box on the landing page or just list
  • nice discographie, biographie, pic/vid gallery
  • basic shop function
  • guest book & contact form

These two are quite nice & what I’m looking for:

It would be also nice to use my own font on the site. But a least I could use one of the Google +500 fonts.

I just found “Rocky”, but I’m not sure if it’s still “alive” and updated or supported for the latest WP version.
“Beathaven” is nice, too, but already “old”.

I’m looking forward to you suggestions & tipps,

My best regrads

Hi @PressMyWord2,

Welcome to the forums! Just to note, both websites use themes available on ThemeForest:

  1. “Enfold” theme:

  2. “907” theme:

I’m not sure if there were some custom functions added, so I suggest contacting both theme authors to find out whether their work meets your requirements:

Alternatively you may be interested in hiring a professional that will help you setting up your site: