A new name !

Hi everybody.
It’s time for me to say goodbye to AudioPuppet and say hello to AudioSolution ! :slight_smile:

New name, new item, new color and - i hope - new sales :sunglasses:

Have a good day.



Good luck with sales! I just changed my avatar, logo and design…

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So you know what it means @DastAudio, It’s a very very very long work… (i uploaded all thumbnails one per one !)
And now, the collections… pfffff

I’m moved : I’ve just made my first sale (just 10 mn after the change) :slight_smile:

Good luck to you too !


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Good fortune with the new brand. Have a great 2017!!

Thank you @MidnightSnap

GLTYT :yum:

Nice name mate. I have changed my brand name once time.

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LongXmusic is a good name too :slight_smile:
More effective than kimlongmusic :wink:

Have a good day


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Good luck with your new brand! :sunglasses: