A new application idea, but it was not accepted in Cod Canyon !

A new application idea, but it was not accepted in Cod Canyon!

As a team, we programmed an Android application that contains the ability to put any content in the application through a control panel. This application can benefit people who want to make comprehensive applications that contain several types of content such as videos, images, texts, PDF files, and audio files with the possibility of profit from The application through Admob and Facebook ads and 3 other advertising companies, the application was rejected by the Code Canyon team, claiming that the application is similar to other applications and does not offer anything new and! It is a rare application that is not found on Code Canyon

What do you think is the feature that should be added to the code to be accepted??

Admin demo: https://admin.remob-all-in-one-app.com/

I’m eagerly awaiting your response.

I saw this post couple of days ago. Was it with different account?

No this first post - i may contacted you by email

I’m having Deja-vu, then

Can you help me ?

Would like to but mobile section is not my profession/area

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Hi @remobacademy, could you please post screenshots of your application instead of an APK file? Not everyone can load and test APK files, and we don’t especially advise it because doing so requires us to disable important security settings. Thanks!


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