A mistake on the website? Check it, please

I think it should be from 1$?

Guys @KingDog @andrewfreeman @warrenseen please check it out.


Hello :smiley:

That’s a bug sometimes when an item incorrectly get’s labelled as $0. You can’t purchase it at that price, but it messes up the banner a bit until we fix it. Thanks!

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Thanks, got it :slight_smile:

Thanks for raising this Enrize.

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I’ve been for 2 yrs here and I still don’t get it. On TF for instance it say “Starting from 2$” and I’ve never found items of 2$ on TF. This shouldn’t be changed from anything else…? I don’t know, but it has a wrong effect on buyers after they take a look on marketplaces then find out prices are even 6 times bigger that what was said on first page. Anyway, prices aren’t huge, but you can use another message right there. Idk, just my opinion…

Wow okaay… maybe i ignored that for 2 yrs.