A little Survey

Hello friends,
I’ve already asked this to @AurusAudio in private and he gave me some nice advices,
but I’m curious to know your opinion too!

Would you sell a track of yours, a not profitable one, to someone and all its author rights for reselling?
And if yes, for how much money?


600 bucks and it’s yours:)

I think it will be little )
take more )))

Depends by the track in question. To resell it the way you say means to give up the artist name on it as well, which goes even beyond freelance exclusive licensing. For an average long track and below average effort put into it we’d charge no less than 3000$ for considering doing something like that, and we’d have to absolutely NOT feel emotionally attached to the track (it’s your own work after all).

If the production on the track is stellar to our standards and lenght is average, I believe we’d have to talk no less than 10000$ to give it up 100%.

Because a track is not profitable until now, it doesn’t mean tomorrow you won’t get the deal of your life out of it. You have to believe in your work or you might as well do something else.


Thank you for answering! @TempestForAnAngel @Grey_Lamb_Media @WildLion_Production
This is the track in question:

@WildLion_Production you commented on it :smiley:

Ok, for me this is a nice track and I made it with passion for sure, but in 4 years I’ve made only 25.5$ from it and I also forgot about it in the meanwhile, until now.
25.5$ compared to 3000$ or more … :rolling_eyes: However we’re here to earn some money making music, so…

I guess I’ll tell this person to make me an undeniable offer and I’ll accept it only if it’s BIG!

What would you do??


Make some market research. Cost of selling all the rights to an average commercial track is between 600 and 5000 dollars. One-of-a-kind tracks cost billions. But obviously this not the case, so…

And how much you’ve made with it doesn’t matter. Especially on a low level flee market place like this where you sell underperformed primitive tunes for less than 20 bucks.

I mean if it was a top-seller track with thousands sales i would never sell it

Based on my experience its pretty foolish to sell the rights of any track ever unless the figure was very high (5 figures minimum) Your intellectual property should be eternally “for rent” so you make money off the assets for a lifetime and beyond, to your children even. One never knows when a random surprise arrives and your track is in position to command a lucrative licensing fee or collect lots of performance royalties from TV or film. Strange things happen, even to tracks that do not sell a lot.


Very true. Unless you absolutely need some quick cash, anything less than $10,000 no.

Especially now with PRO money, 1 sale can be enough for a track to pay good money for many years. You just never know, but averaged out over 10 years and 2-300 tracks - never sell the rights.

My biggest earnings outside licensing fees (YouTube, PRO) have mostly been from tracks with few actual licenses sold.


Hi friends,

I’ve asked this guy to make me an offer as I said and he answered me this:

I understand where you’re coming from.
We could do a licensing where you keep the ownership of the audio, and continue selling it on audio jungle,
and you grant me license to sell your audio on a different channel (iTunes, etc) and those sales’ revenue will belong to me.
For that, my offer is $200 USD


I got a great laugh lol
I guess I’m gonna put it on iTunes etc. by myself :smiley:

Oh he added this:


I guess it’s fair that I tell you what I’m using it for.
I’m currently looking for music for my game: www.braains.io
About 50k~100k people will be listening to this music everyday.
Your music is among a few that I am considering to use.

lol why don’t you just buy a bigger license than?

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