A little survey about sales

Hello guys,
It’s a little survey, just out of curiosity :slight_smile:

I have two questions for all of you about sales :

  1. Has anybody already sold something on Sunday? I mean just not one or two sales…

  2. Have you a “best day” in the week for your sales? For me it’s tuesday !

And have a good day :sunglasses:


1 - yes )
2 - Wednesday-Thursday are usually the best-selling days of week ))

Have a good day and a lot of sales, @AudioPuppet :+1:

Thx @rgba_design :christmas_tree:

Well, about the first question… it all depends on where you live right?
I mean, your sunday is probably a monday morning somewhere else in the world where business is at full speed again.

That being said, sunday (european time) does have some odd sales sometimes from far away countries, but at best maybe 2-3 sales for me personally.
Friday seems to be my best day, but it really differs too much to call it a best day.

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Hi @RobertSlump
In fact, i was telling about country’s selling time and not my French time :wink:

Thank you and have a good day :christmas_tree:

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Since it’s a global market, it’s hard to say whether something sells well on a specific day. It may be Sunday in one country and Monday in another.

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Sundays are always VERY quiet for me!

I made an Excel tool for tracking sales and making trends based on days of the week, I’m still tweaking it but hopefully next week I’ll release it for everyone on the forum to make use of. It certainly shows that Wed and Thurs and the biggest days (I tested it with my own sales data, and also the sales data of a good friend)


Some weekends are quiet, some weekends are normal sales. I can’t said that some days are best. Sometimes I have great sales at Friday, sometimes at Monday… :slight_smile:

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Sometimes Sunday is better than Monday. But middle of the week is always good.


7 or 8 sales for the past few weeks, but I usually get between 2 and 5 sales on a Sunday. Will have had plenty of 0 days back in the day though… and I’m sure I’ve had a few Sundays better than 7 or 8.

And it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world, as I base my sales on Melbourne Australia time, and everyone else should! Maybe it’s splitting heirs and it’s not that much of a big deal, but it becomes a lot more important when it comes to the beginning and end of certain periods. I.e. You may have got a $250 sale at 22:00 on the 31st of December where you are, but you’re not going to get that in your January money if it’s 01:00 on the 1st where they are!

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Sales are depends, never know each day. Sometimes more sometimes less.

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