a little help with template typography and spacing

hello I uploaded this item and envato keeps telling me that I need to improve typography and spacing , I tried more than once and this still the answer

  1. Many of the elements in the template are not aesthetically spaced.
  1. The template’s overall typography isn’t yet ready. It needs improvements in the styles it offers and general visual hierarchy.

any one can help ?

your template error 404 open web :frowning:

sorry I’ve moved it to a new link , you can check now

  1. I think that your tyography of title is too big in banner,

  2. color gray are gray you can change to black because buyer difficult read.

  3. you testimonial is too spacing (center) and also single-cause.html, blog_post.html, contact.html.

Lucky :slight_smile:


thank you Jeri , but can you specify what you mean with number 2 please

I think that your typography isin’t was yet ready on general template but need better your styles and general visual hierachy.

Do u understand me? Sorry my bad english.