A letter Logo rejected

Hi everyone I have created the A letter logo but unfortunately, it’s rejected,
can anyone give me a tip for approval of this logo on Graphic River?

hi I see a collection of things for u to deal with , there this is about rethinking, changing completely or modifying indeed. Let’s get started. First of all one of the major issues here is that , to be honest there is quite a low commercial potential of this item as such. The bottom line is that u did not reach the requirements for a buyer to buy if u wish as this is very unlikely that people may feel like saving time out of buying of that they may consider that by buying the item they will offer something beyond their personal graphic design skills, insofar as it doe snot take much time or really advanced skills to be able to redo this logo. In such a perspective, why would a reviewer accept a file that is felt as having very little chance to sell and a surely quite low commercial potential? Then, the main problem that is easy to see here is as regard to to the lack of connection between the illustration part and the text part. Right now they rather look like being pasted right next to each other rather than being composed and forming a whole ultimately , if u ask me. The good thing is that this part is quite easy to fix ,by simply trying to bring some continuity color wise from one part to the other. Then, about more in depth problems with what u have here is that there is no real concept if ask me … I also see no connection very obvious connection between the name given to the company and the illustration part and to another level, quite frankly I do not see a A there but rather a pyramid like brick wall … There is no way I read a A in any event … Let’s also face it also , the item as u have it right now is pretty raw … there is no real effect or color effects so to speak , there is nothing trendy like subtracting a shape from another one like lots of logos do nowadays and cute frankly this is not any better when it comes to typo … . Here typo is essential no matter where u post and expectations are high about it, much efforts will be asked from u - as for the other people - and the fact of the matter is that what u have maybe call "clean " but also flat and definitely not “worked”. I recommend that u play more with variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality in order to finally generate some more relief

@n2n44 Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.

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u are welcome, if u have enough clue as regard to what to do pls check the solution box, good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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