A large VHS clamshell PSD mockup with a lot of detail.


I’m looking for someone who’s able to create a multi-angled Disney-style VHS clamshell case with special attention to detail. I’m also looking for a VHS cassette mockup in different angles/compositions.

  • PSD with editable smart objects.
  • 300 DPI.
  • As many angles as you can create. (I’d like to have ones emphasizing the spines, back cover and front, as well as one with the VHS tape (complete with face and spine labels, also editable through smart objects) sticking out of the clamshell.

If I need to give you more information, please let me know.


I think I can help you, my email: colatudotudo@gmail.com


Contact me :slight_smile:



Hi, I can make these mock-ups for you. You can e-mail me via my profile page, and we can take it from there.

  • Regards


I’m interested in making that for you. Contact me on nikpletikos@gmail.com