A Knowledge base of Soft Rejection issues

Hello everybody,

We finally released out first theme after grueling 4 soft rejects that took a lot of our development time. Since a solid portion of those issues could have been mentioned in the first soft reject issue list (therefore reducing the update-wait times) how do you feel if we simply compile all our soft rejection issues into one coherent list / knowledge base that we could all use and avoid unnecessary soft rejects?

NordWood team

Its a very good idea! It will help us not to do mistakes in future.

Awesome, glad you like it. We hope more people get involved in this discussion :slight_smile:

Where do you want collect all issues?

While agree with you that it would be a nice idea - unfortunately I am not sure it will solve one of the core issues around feedback etc. which is the varied experience of authors and their ability to understand, interpret and action feedback/knowledge

As I said the idea I like in theory nevertheless.

I have no idea :smiley: for now, but I’ll try and figure it out. I mean, if we simply post it in comments in a forum here, there would be chaos within day with all the comments and discussion. It would be good maybe for start if we could have a moderated discussion where comments can ONLY be included if they have what we need

maybe, create topic with fixed post. I mean the first post should be fixed in the top all the time. And collect all issues there. But I dont know if it possible to create a fixed post

Hmmm… I agree that would depend on the knowledge and understanding of the authors. Maybe in time we could include how we solved these issues with brief explanations?


Well hello there Gareth! Thanks a lot!