A help with a hard rejected flyer )':

Hello everyone! Could anyone give me some feedback about this project? This is my 6th rejection in a row. I’m just crying in the shower now (not really… but almost)

If a piece of creative is rejected, your client really needs to say why. If they are just saying ‘I don’t like it’ that’s really unhelpful to you.

Below are my professional comments, but it’s your clients comments that are important.

My own comments would be that it is a little bit busy looking. Just a bit ‘over designed’?
The ‘Praise and’ text is also a little hard to read
I’m wondering if the way the word ‘Worship’ is sliced through has any significance - if not, I wouldn’t do that. Keep the cloudy texture over it - that’s nice, and relevant.
I would also drop the gold bars along the bottom and in the corner - they do not add anything sorry.

Finally - the info regarding who, when and where - I would treat exactly the same. You have 3 different styles going on. Less is more :slight_smile:

I hope that helps you, I think the photography and the colours and picking up the blue and gold colours from his clothes are all really good. But if your client is unable to put his finger on exactly what they don’t like… then caould they show you examples of what they do like?


Thank you so much it really helped me a lot, my next project I’ll take your feedback into consideration, thanks again!!

hi , I am sorry to tell u just this as I know how much a rejection is a suffering indeed, but the fact of the matter is that the rejection was pretty logical to say the least … Globally your item keeps rather simple and is currently lacking originality as regard to how extended the catalogue of items already is … this is however not the most important mistake that u have here. The central title is pretty unreadable all they way, actually . I understand what u tried to do with the effect on “worship” but this is making it hard to read and this is making it popping out even less … the color already did not really help to make it outstanding in the first place. When it comes to the text above, this is even worse, there is simply no contrast at all and the very best thing that u can manage to do is to guess what is written … let me remind off the fact that all the major information of a flyer must be seen in the wink of the eye and that those questions “what, where , when” let u know what is to value and what must pop out … U also have awkward color combination at the moment … u have to think about complementary colors, shades of the same colors or theme colors to get to determine what would work best and which combo may be efficient in bringing enough contrast to the table … the global occupation of the available space is also resulting in a feeling of misbalance as there is a very empty top left corner … while all the rest if far more “busy” , by the way, have u ever heard about z-lay out? this is describing the way eyes are sweeping across any document to read it and if u know about it, u will not fail to understand why having no information in the impact on the top left corner is a mistake indeed … u also have no space for a logo and nowhere to put te name of the church , which I crucial … any buyer will try to value their place, this is one of the main thing that they look for indeed … this is for branding reasons. Also, there is a lack of finition in this item right now, if u want the composition to look far better , then u have to introduce shadows wherever it to takes to out some. There would be more to say but think that if u consider it all , already much of a step forward will be done, to say the least …

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Thank you so much for you time and attention to reply this, I appreciate. In my next project I’ll pay attention to the things you’ve pointed out here!