A Hard Rejected theme

Hello everyone,
Well, after days of hard work, my theme got hard rejected without any reason, so I would like to share it with you, so you can tell what’s wrong with it!
Here is the link for my design:
Thanks in advance!

  • Avoidable validation issues

  • Typography needs quite ot of work throughout especially the titles and headings

  • Inconsistency in margins, padding (esp in sidebars) and alignment esp. logo and nav

Thanks a lot for your review, do you think, this was the main reason why the theme got rejected?

Right now as it is - with respect it is just not up to par for here.

That is a very crowded category and any new design or theme which is going to get through needs to be flawless and bring something new.

Those points above definitely need fixing but the general design will need an uplift too

Thanks a lot for your honest opinion, it is all I need :slight_smile:

The best way to judge is compare it to the attention to detail, features and capacity of the big selling WP themes on the marketplace now - that will give a good indication

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I also got hard reject and don’t know why…


I look at on othere themes and try to make something similar :slight_smile:

Very similar quality…

Did they give you any reason?

No when it’s hard reject there are no reasons written.

I think your theme is very very similar to one of Solopine’s themes. That’s why it got rejected in my opinion.

Yes it is like 90% other themes. Creating mega unique theme doesnt have business sense. Poeple want standart and simple products, only designers are happy that they create very unique template.Reviewers should also think about salles and not only is it unique or not etc. There are so many strange but beautiful blogs with very small sales… It’s not behance where we collect likes. On CM I feel like on facebook, many peoples like products but only few buys it. I got my favorite blog so far on TF , its look so good and unique but from year ago he got only 16 sales.

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