A Hard Reject after years... Feedback please

Hello guys, just got a hard reject again after many many years.
I wouldnt bother posting here If I could understand it at all and If I hadn’t put many hours of work into it:

Honestly, I’m seeing so many bad quality on this marketplace slipping through the review process, this makes it even more frustrating to get a hard reject without any feedback.

This product is even selling quite ok on other marketplaces… Can you guys give me some feedback ?

Hm, looks great for me, I have a similar problem with my items in last month too.

Welcome to the fun of envato. Recently had another great piece rejected after hours of “modifications.”

Keep your head up. Piece looks great. What other marketplaces are you using?

the rejected piece in case you wondered.

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Not even sure If envato allows you to write about other marketplaces here … just write me a pm/mail if you still want to know it.

Regarding your flyer:
I dont really have experience with that category but the overall quality and design looks fine for me.
Maybe too many similar halloween flyers ? Some problems with the bleeds ? Missing model release ?

Well, we never know, since we simply get no feedback at all.
If you have to carefully check every file, which I hope they even do, why is it too mich effort to write one single sentence about the reason for rejection.

I think part of items are rejected automatically. Personally I can’t see the difference in quality between my approved and rejected items.