A great trick to receive two times less support tickets

Hi guys,

I LOVE talking to my customers, and I’m pretty sure you too, but sometimes it’s painful to open our ticket boards especially when there are like dozen of unread new tickets. Each day.

You can think “if your product and your doc are good enough, people won’t send you any email”. But it’s wrong, because they usually don’t read the FAQ/the doc :smiley:

There are some obvious solutions to be more efficient as a support agent. For instance, you can pay someone to manage your tickets… but it’s pretty expensive and you will spend a loooot of time to teach him how stuff work. You can also automate your ticket manager, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

So I was working on a simple and efficient Chatbot to help people to find the right answer. Very easily. Very quickly.

Let me introduce you : THE CHATBOT. You can find a working demo here : The ChatBot.


Teach to the robot what to say, what to answer and he will do your job for you. I’m using it for 1 month and he divided the number of my emails by two. And I just teach him the 5 or 6 most common cases. Imagine if you teach him a lot of more ! By the way if the bot doesn’t know the answer, it shows a contact form.

What about you?

I was wondering if you were interested to use the same chatbot for your business ? The code is 99% ready to be shared, and you could host it on your own server.

Keep me in touch if it looks interesting for you guys, I can’t wait to publish the project if you need it.



Hi Stéphane,

This is a really good idea. Chatbot will be a time saver. Looking forward.

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