A Great Idea to Save Market - Support for This Chance!

We must completely remove or limit Envato elements.

The idea is to cut down bad works in the market and increase sales;

-The project must be a loading condition. Monthly fees must be paid for the project uploads and for sales from authors. ($59)
-This system will keep non-serious and bad authors away.
-There must be a pool for the collected monthly payments. Envato is part of this pool, and the other part is the ads.
Worse writers who do not sell jobs will stay away and quality will up again!
In products, quality will increase and sales will increase.

*Please support me! This is our last chance. One and only solution.

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Sorry just to be clear are you suggesting that authors should have to pay to submit items?!?

Yes they have. In this way, only serious authors remain. Less loaded and more quality projects.
There is also a pool with these money used for this ads.
Thus the writers’ money goes back to the authors again. Sales increase, quality increases.

No thanks. Increase review quality requirements instead.


Well, that is an idea, at most an idea. You do realize, that when I upload a file, I do so in order to GET money not PAY money. I’ll give a +1 to @tommusrhodus, his idea is currently in the works and it’s doing just fine. Envato has fees, now they should charge for uploads as well?! Seriously?! Very, very, very bad idea!


Wake up now. Envato elements, poor quality projects and much more have already dropped sales.

Maybe Envato should leave the question of how to make money! We give them the money they need. They spend it for advertising.

Those who do not take this job seriously will not upload jobs in this way.

We are already losing more money because of the sales falling with these false policies!

Think of it like a game. Pay and play. Pay and sell. So the game evolves.
It does not search for different and unnecessary ways.
Do not bite the players.

Despite everything, it’s just a raw idea. We can improve this.

Assuming this is aimed at me, I’ve told you my opinion, and considering you personally invited me to this discussion I would appreciate you considering your words more carefully.

Your idea is not well thought out and to present it as “…our last chance. One and only solution…” shows that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the real issues facing these marketplaces currently.

@Enabled that’s great to hear quality requirement improvements are incoming, any details on that you can share?

Think of it as a Game? I don’t know what this means to you but for me and many others Envato and the customers provided for freelance work here is our livelyhood, so no, I won’t think of it as a game. We pay already via fees and taxes, you want even more?

Despite everything, it’s a poor idea at best, and I see no way to improve it. Buyer Fee, Author Fee, VAT, Taxes, etc, etc, now, upload tax. Seriously? What’s next? On the 15th of each month I’ll send each buyer 1$ for everything?

@tommusrhodus, they were always here in the first place, and I have no feedback on this matter, but what I can tell you is that the marketplaces are not dying. The marketplaces will always be the marketplaces, elements will be subscriptions, you can go buy a movie or you can rent netflix and see stuff with limits. Markets will always exist, and like in every market, some stuff is great, some stuff not so great, this is not based solely on the review team, but on each of us. You can say an item looks great and I can say it’s terrible. At the end of the day, authors that upload files that don’t meet standards and by some miracle pass the review team, will not pass the 1* rain from buyers, that will end that item pretty quickly. No need to worry there :slight_smile:

@Enabled thanks mate :slight_smile: It’s worth noting I don’t agree with the sentiment of OP, for some reason I got an email saying I was invited to contribute to this thread?

I got a notification about this as well, still didn’t figure out why though. :laughing: Cheers mate!

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I just think a lot. I wanted to share this idea and get your views.
I invited you. Your feedback is important to me. Thank you.

not enough they’re taking 30-70% from sales ?

Envato will make more money from Elements, I really don’t think they’re going to remove or limit it

Not enough. It provides server service to a huge website. Advertising expenses, taxes and many employees. I think the profits are very small. For this reason they are constantly making new things. (Elements)

So if authors who are serious about their business make a monthly payment, then the volume of advertising increases. The number of products is reduced. Less products, better quality products, more customers, more shares.

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I do not know. I do not understand why these policies go against authors. I said if we give them the money they want. Do not think another solution came up. Envato will not give up. It gets worse every day.

Fees are already on a crazy level. From almost 500$ i made from sales, I only received 80$ :slight_smile:

Most of authors do it part-time. You can’t disallow anyone to share their creative work
Bad products - bad ratings - no sales
It will get back to normal sometime))

Sounds like you haven’t filled in a W8 form, used to be non-exclusive, or you’re selling your items pretty cheap. The absolute minimum an exclusive author would earn from $500 (if they were selling non-ADP items), even if they are from a 30% withholding country, and all of their sales are from the US (unlikely), would be $138. More realistically would be about $200+, when you account for non-US sales.

But I see you don’t have any items any more, so I guess it’s a moot point.

Wow, what a great ideea. But the commission is too low. Let’s charge authors 100 000$ when they first upload an item.
Let’s make them wait then 2 years after an item is approved and let’s give them just 1%

Just joking… my answer is no

Do you have any ideea how complicated is to sell small items (such us plugins, sfx) on Envato ?

Imagine you need to pay an accountant from 0.4$/ item … more commission is what we need… :expressionless:

That’s it, because I was selling as individual, not a company. In my country, selling on this kind of marketplace is considered “exporting products”, and I need to register a company to be able to fill this form, and opening a company costs around 2500$ (corruption and all the stuff). Considering average wage of 200$, it is not a good way to go for a beginner :slight_smile: But I guess this is a bit off-topic.

Yes, I’ve removed my accepted item, and now can’t get new ones accepted (maybe because of removed one)