A good time to start?

It’s a good time to start a career in data science :wink:

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I used 2-3 years AJ. 10 years ago there is a big chance for to make extra income or big income. Now, I think all of that looks like impossible. Youtube have own music library it’s completely free for video background using. Also, I think Envato did big mistakes on many ways. First, they should more fairly split incomes between authors. They showed sales figures, they promoted high sales tracks everytime. Finally very very tired everybody. High sales tracks is not better the other tracks. Envato did that mistake. Everybody starting makes copy that tracks. Everywhere full of same imitation tracks. It’s too bad. If I to be costumer who find music, exactly I did not buy this music I think. Also Envato open Elements platform. Why? This is unbelievable. Everything is good, company makes good money maybe best company in the internet. Why open new platform? This is insane. I think personally this platforms not for musicians. I look they worker staff everything about the merchandise. Yes this is true way but I don’t see workers staff about music. They forget this platform about “music” sale. There are same mistakes in the Youtube and Spotify now. I think in nearly times nobody watch Youtube and listen Spotify because all of that same same same same same… Have a nice days everybody…