A good Keyboard for Logic Pro?

Hello folks, Just curious to know if anyone might know of a good beginner Keyboard/Digital Piano for use with Logic Pro?

Ideally I’d like something that has touch sensitive keys and it doesn’t need to have lots of different settings or anything as I’d have it linked to Logic anyway. I already have an iRig Keys 37 Key but I’d like something a bit bigger now…

Any ideas whats good and whats not?

I’m a Logic Pro user, and I’ve been using an older model of M-Audio’s Keystation:

Had it for 6 years and it still works perfectly.

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For beginner it doesn’t really matter. Take a cheapest one. Better keep attention on buying good sound libraries and vst plugins.

A very nice device for the beginner. Reliable, easy to play + many configurable controllers for Logic. And it is not a high price. Itself I use this 2 years :slight_smile:

I’m using an usual inexpensive CME M-Key v2 and that’s enough for me.