A Glimmer of Hope!

Hey everyone, sorry for interrupting, but I’m crying tears of joy right now! AudioJungle just gave me a glimmer of hope. You see, I’ve been desperately searching for a way to make money for a while. I’ve got a family to take care of, and finding a stable job has been tough. I had completely forgotten about this platform that once inspired me to create music.

Today, I’m feeling a bit desperate and under pressure because my daughter is sick, and I can’t even afford a medical consultation. My fridge is empty, but despite all that, I’m spending sleepless nights trying out different things and learning new skills.

And then, while searching, I stumbled upon this beautiful website again, and guess what? I made a sale after years of inactivity! It’s like a ray of hope shining through. I’m convinced that God has shown me the way, and I can’t help but shed tears of happiness. I’m ready to embrace this work again with the hope of a better future!

So, I just wanted to say thanks to Envato for existing and giving me, a simple music producer from a third-world country, a chance to grow and support my family. You guys rock!


LIfe is unfair and hard my firend, God is playing games with us…

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Keep going! Maybe we live in an extremely competitive world but things can change.

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Best of luck! If you work hard and play your cards right many things are possible :wink:

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Hey Leonardo,

Long time no see! I remember you from years ago.

Congrats on your sale, let’s hope more will come :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, sales on Audiojungle have gone way down for everyone on here. It is much much harder to make it work for us authors now than it used to be.

Sorry to hear about your daughter being sick, hope she gets well soon!


The truth is, whatever it may be, we cannot give up, and as long as there’s a chance, I will try. Best regards.

I guess, I don’t know how things will be now, but I’ll try again

bro I’ve worked really hard for more than 15 years and I didn’t make it, but… I want to try again on this platform

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Oh PurpleFog!!! I remember u!, It’s great to see you again! Is it really tough out there now? But I believe things can either improve or worsen in this industry… I hope that artificial intelligence doesn’t reach a point where it equals or surpasses music produced by humans. Besides that, we are facing an economic recession, which has impacted me a lot. Since the pandemic hit, I haven’t been able to recover fully. However, here we are, giving it another shot, because I don’t have many options as a music producer in my country.

I’m also learning web development, but I only have a few months of experience, and I know I need at least three years to become proficient. In the meantime, I need to find new ways to generate income. Let’s keep pushing forward and trying our best!

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