A few questions before adding an application (PHP script) to the affiliate program

I want to add my app to the affiliate program, but first I need to ask a few questions:

  1. Below are links to the demo and the website of my application. Should I correct anything before adding my app to the affiliate program?


  1. Can there be a link to buy my app from the Envato store on my app website?


  1. My name contains Polish characters (like: ńśćłó). Should I use Polish characters in my account details (name, street, city) and tax information? Or should I use characters without Polish tails (like: nsclo)?
  1. Have you been accepted to the affiliates programme?

  2. No you cannot do this

  3. Best to ask support

  1. I became an author on Envato Market. I already have an account and can upload my first item. I’m just afraid that my application may not be accepted… I want to add my first application, but I have doubts whether it meets the quality requirements.

  2. Are you sure? I found an app website (e.g. “Maildoll”) where there is a button that sends me to the Envato store (in a new browser tab). I feel a little confused now. :wink:

  3. I don’t see a support email there. Only business inquiries, etc.

  1. The affiliate program is different to just being an author and you need to meet expectations and be accepted. Envato Affiliates - Programs

That item is not a category I know at all and I couldn’t advise on the likelihood of approval.

  1. You are right sorry I thought you meant to an external store. The point of the affiliate program is to drive traffic to your items on envato.

  2. Last paragraph on the link above ‘Ask away, we’re here to help’ links to the email needed.

Just use Latin.

I am sorry for my mistake. I should write that I want to add my application to Code Canyon (Envato Market). Not the affiliate program.

I’m looking and can’t find it anywhere. Can you give me a link or directly this email? :wink:

Do you mean strict Latin characters (without tails - like: nsclo) or like in Polish (also with tails - like: ńśćłó)?

You won’t get official support around your submission.

If it’s been hard rejected then you can’t resubmit the same item without significant change and updates.

The link we shared above was specifically to affiliate queries.

I see there are Basic Latin characters (without tails) and Latin Extended characters (also with tails - like HTML Charset UTF-8). Now I don’t know if I can use tails (as in UTF-8)…

Maybe I can use (from Contact Us): sales@e****o.com

Strict Latin without special characters

  • You won’t get feedback on hard rejected items

  • If you just want clarity on the characters (FYI @ki-themes is right) then you can ask general support Envato Author Support

Thanks a lot for your help. If anything, I’ll ask.

I got this answer from support:

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As for the other questions:

  1. General Support is not qualified to rate my app. I need to submit my item for review. I can ask on the forum… I got two links too:
  1. I can share a link on my website to my items on Envato Market.

  2. As above. Special characters are allowed in my personal information.