A fee for unlimited use.

I got a message from a buyer asking if he could negotiate to pay a fee for unlimited use of one of my templates. Honestly I don’t know what to say. Is this something the Extended License is for? I’ve contacted Envato support and their answer was “This is not something we currently cater for sorry.”
What should be the right procedure in this case then?
Thank you.

Pretty sure you can’t do that without becoming a non-exclusive author. Exclusivity means you are also bound to the licenses Envato offers (regular / extended) and both of these licenses only allow 1 usage per license, not unlimited. Selling exclusive items outside of Envato breaks that agreement.


Hey I might want some too if I can figure out who you are / what templates they are!

If you’re non-exclusive, you can negotiate some kind of deal. If you’re exclusive, then the only option is for them to buy one license per use.