A disaster of customer support with Goodwork Theme

I have a crowdfunding website with Ignitiondeck Enterprise and I used to have Stellar as a theme. 10 days ago I decided to change Stellar to Good work. A number of things didn’t go well in the transfer but what was really a nail in my website coffin is the disdain of the support service.
So to start with they wanted me to leave the website online instead of working with the screenshots- which is unacceptable considering all the visible flaws.
Second, every CSS they proposed me was flawed, didn’t do the job and showed as having mistakes in it.
Funnily enough, the support service has now closed my most important questions, claiming they were answered…
I give you an example because it is just so ridiculous that it is unbelievable.
As it is a crowdfunding website, I need crowdfunding pprojects. Goodwork has a relatively detailed guidance for these in their support document. Still, having followed the isntructions step by step, it still didn’t work and display an “empty” page. The answer of “Adi” was that he has no idea where I found these instructions (which I found in their support document)- and he sends me exactly the instructions which I used :0 so patiently, I explain that these are the instructions which I have used and you know what he says? He ignore my answer and states that again, these are guidances of Ignitiondeck and not his. After explaining AGAIN, guess what? He closes the ticke “because the question has been answered”!!! Needless to say they answer one question a day so it’s been more than a week the website is devastated by Goodwork… Does anybody have an idea what to do from here?

Hello and welcome to Envato Forums,

I don’t want to make any advertisement here but as I see, the author of that theme has +29.000 sales and +4.5 stars reviews average. I’m afraid that you are a rare case of unhappy customer.

Even so, if you are not happy you can always request a refund, but keep in mind; You can only receive a refund if the item has major errors(Check the “Can I Get A Refund?” post here);

Usually if you change your current theme with a new one, in many cases this process causes a lot of errors and problems. (Because you remove the theme, but old plugins with old functionalities remain).

My suggestion is to use the theme(if you consider ok to continue with it) on a fresh wordpress install, and only migrate your content on this new WordPress.

Hope this makes sense,
Have a great day!

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First of all there were other bad ratings so apparently from time to time there is a problem. And second, I wonder why I can’t get proper customers support? How come the ticket gets closed when the problem isn’t solved??
And why is it the instructions he gives don’t work?
Throughout, the customer service for Ignitiondexk Entreprise and Stellar were top notch. One week with Goodwork has been a nightmare. And now I am proposed to redo all the website???

Who is actually giving support?

I’m not going into whether the support you received was good, bad, excellent or disastrous, as it is impossible to judge as a 3rd party, having only heard/seen your side of the story.

What I will say is that you can NOT expect support based on some screenshots you provided alone, especially if your support relates to layout/styling issues.

If support is not able to check your site’s HTML output, CSS rules applied and the browser console for any JS errors that might also interfere with your site, it is almost impossible to trace back the issues you might be having. Any number of sources can affect a sites layout and styling, including other plugins utilized on your site, which might interfere with the theme. How do you expect any support to help you, if all you give them is a static screenshot to look at, which might show the visual results of any issues you might have, but does not provide any kind of insight into what might have caused them. For that, a live site is required, so theme support asking you to provide one is the only way for them to approach your issue.

Secondly, changing out a theme will in almost every case result in layout issues that need to be fixed, particularly if your old site was heavily reliant on theme specific features and layouts that your new theme is not providing. Instead of simply switching out a theme on a live site and expecting it to “just” work, you should have used a test site first. There are many free plugins out there that can clone/copy/migrate a website for you, creating an exact copy of your site to work with, while leaving your actual site up and running until you are really ready to switch over.

Again, not making any statements about the quality of support you received or didn’t receive, but support goes both ways and you need to provide support staff with the information/access they require/request, even if you personally think it unnecessary. Relating to support asking for a live site to check, I must tell you that you are in the wrong when you say that such a request is “unacceptable”.

As the site owner, you are also responsible for ensuring that you approach critical changes to your site, like changing a whole theme, in a responsible manner, which include appropriate backups and precautions, which you seemed to have bypassed.

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On which basis exactly do you make assumptions on my expectations?
No, I am sorry, please…
And really…??
Because he can’t see the website then it allows him to ignore my requests, not to read them and answer arbitrary flawed answers and then close the ticket - because the question is answered?? You must be joking.
2. And I am sorry, but this is supposed to be a professional service. In the package I paid there was customer support and customer support suppose correct and helpful answers.
So you can talk as much as you want on how responsible I am with my website, as a representative of Envato, if you are, you should rather care that Envato customers can rely on the support service they bought.
You see Marc De Pielle, before answering and making statements, it is GOOD PRACTICE to ACTUALLY READ AND EVEN PROCESS the message one receives, and even more so when one answers once in 24 hours and close tickets!!!
Your feedback didn’t help me one microgram. I maybe learned something, and actually not, but for sure, I didn’t receive from you even one piece of info on how to move forward! Thank you! I wish you used all this energy to help, but this is probably not gonna happen

I’m not a representative of Envato, or the author you purchased the theme from, I’m a buyer here just as you.

And maybe it is you, that should read more carefully … I made it very clear that my reply was in no way an assessment about the quality of support you received, or whether you received the correct support to begin with. And nowhere did I make any assumptions about your expectations, as those are irrelevant to my reply.

My reply related to an actual statement you made, which I quoted at the very beginning of the reply. Your statement, that the author asking for access to a live website is “unacceptable” is right-out wrong and deserved a rebuttal; whether you want to accept that or not. And yes, you not providing access to your site will make any troubleshooting basically impossible, which leads me to repeat myself: What did you expect? For the author to look at a random screenshot and pinpoint the cause of the issue just by that.

Do you send your car mechanic a photo of your car that isn’t starting and expect him/her to tell you what is wrong with it, based on a photo? I think not!

And irregardless of any support received or not, your approach to changing your theme was severely lacking in the way you prepared for it, which is utterly unrelated to any support received or not received.

As a buyer and user, you have responsibilities as well and just because you don’t like hearing it, doesn’t make it any less valid. Nobody here in this public forum for all of Envato will be able to make a reasonable judgement about the support you claimed was lacking or unprofessional, as we only have your side of the story. So I will not indulge you in discussing the support you received, as I’m simply not able to assess it with the one-sided information you provided.

Neither am I here to help you in your situation, as you clearly aren’t willing to take any responsibility and/or follow standard procedures. That is besides the point that for better or worse, only the theme author will be able to actually help you in your situation. Or hire somebody else from Envato Studio, if you truly feel that the theme author is unwilling or unable to help you. But I guarantee you, whoever you hire, will also require access to your site.

You also have the option to request a refund and to move on to a different theme. But spending your time here in the public forums complaining about it, and about replies that don’t fit into your preconceived notions of what you want to hear, won’t get you any further to solving your problems.

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I would like to add that the forums are not a place to call out authors or items and if you have trouble with your item, nobody on this forum can help you.

  • If you’re unhappy with a theme you can request a refund.
  • If the refund is denied, then you have the ability to dispute it.
  • If it’s still denied, then you’ll need to learn to communicate properly with authors.
  • Attacking authors will surely get you nowhere.

Yes, customer support was included with your item. Yes, you paid for it. So? That does not mean the author needs to change their support tactics to fit you and you only.

In my many years selling apps and code here, I have never had a single customer complain about having to provide me with FTP access. Screenshots are only useful to help show the problem, in no way do they help fix it.

There is also no problem with the author replying once every 24 hours. The author can reply every 72 hours if he wants to.

If the theme is broken or has errors, the author must help. If they claim that they responded and your ticket was closed, you don’t need to go all “CLOSING TICKETS AND PRETENDING THAT MY REQUEST ISNT RIGHT IS NOT PROFESSIONAL …”, a simple “Sorry, I did not receive any response. Can you resend it?” would do.

If you want professional service, act professional. If you want to be responded to and helped to the maximum, be friendly and appreciative for their assistance.