A developer/designer for a phpBB 3.2 community theme


I’ve been looking around the different theme markets and just haven’t come across the phpBB 3.2 theme I’d like to re-build my community website with.

The other problem I have is that there needs to be a HTML one pager with it, to build my own (front)page’s in, as i program that content myself.

Would anyone here be interested to work with/for me, and make a phpBB 3.2 theme with a HTML one-page?
It’s style should be slick & clean, but should have something to do with the Farming Simulator community.

Please let me know and we can discuss the design and costs.


You can try our theme with bbPress forum

Thanks for your reply JanStudio,

I’d like to keep with phpBB, so i don’t need to migrate all the data.
For the website itself, I don’t use WordPress so that might be a bit of a problem.

I’ve had one response, but after having some contact with this person I get no replies back, so that seems to be a scamming attempt.

Is there anyone that can help me out on this?


Hi there,

If you want please contact me so we can talk about it.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Hello Generictec, thanks for you’re reply.
In what way should i contact you? Though the contact form on you website for example?

@WackOoNL here

I worked with phpBB 3 a couple of years ago, I should be fine.
Drop me a line scrilsandreis@gmail.com or skype me at scrilsandrei