A Data CMS php Script


It will be a spreadsheet, each box will be a clickable popup box or open that page.
ie Title of Column box - Barclays Bank (Clickable) opens a page/popup box below

In that box/page you can have predefined items, 2, 3, 4 etc columns
Monday Spent (Empty Box) (Empty Box) (Empty Box)
Tuesday Spent (Empty Box) (Empty Box) (Empty Box)

So it will be like a nested spreadsheet in the row box.

because a spreadsheet when there are many columns, with many titles. Say you on row 1000, you would have to scroll all the way to the top to know the title of that column.

So like this
Column Title Banks Food Recipes
1 Barclays Bank Cheese
2 Co-op Bank Bread
3 Life Bank Vegetables
4 Car Bank Chicken
5 Goods Bank Rice

So Barclays Bank, Co-op Bank, Cheese, Bread etc will all be clickable and open their own box/page.