A customer misusing rating system for support expectations after expiring.

I have a very weird customer. He bought script back in 2021. He left a good rating. After his support expired he acting up weird. Instead of normally asking for support, first he modify his rating always. Leaves some misinformation words then asks for support privately on email or comments section instead of support portal (He wont renew support). But I still provide support to expired support user few times as long as its related with script. So after support given, he modify back his review and leave something good or once deleted by envato. He come back again for support and again leave negative review. He modified reviews around 8 times. Envato support removed 3 times already I think. But still this day he is doing this. I had to again inform envato to remove. Which takes delay. But my question is, Do envato team honestly cares about their authors? Why they have not improved their system yet to lock reviewing processes, after this multiple time abnormal activity from a customer? Also, our actual response on a review goes away, once a customer modify his/her review.

Yesterday, he modified his review 3 times. 1* > 5* > 1* , before it was 5* > 1* > 5* …

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Hi @TuhinBhuiyan,

Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.



Bro, I created a ticket 5 days ago. and no response yet from them. :frowning:

This guy just deleted another review yesterday and added another one now. He is abusing review system as support.

Don’t worry! this will take care by envato team. Please keep patience they will get back with the solution soon.