A business theme with specific features


I am working at a company called Scantool. Right now, we are using Umbraco, but I am
not familiar with Umbraco, and therefore, I am going to make a new website in
Wordpress. I have gone through a lot of Wordpress themes, but I cannot seem to
find the right one. Therefore, I am hoping you can help me with some examples.
I will briefly give you some details about how the theme should be.

-Scantool makes grinding machines, but we do not sell machines to private persons. Only
to other companies. Therefore we do not have any direct sales on the website.
That means I do not need people to buy from the website. So ecommerce like Woo
Commerce is not necessary at this point.

  • I need theme where I can upload different files types like PDF. We got a lot of
    brochures in PDF format, and they should be available on the website, so people
    can click on them and read them. I also need to upload video of our machines
    and images.

  • It is also important, that the theme support a newsletter, where people can write
    their email and get our newsletter.

  • It would be great if there was a theme that shows our e-mail, telephone number and address
    at the top of the site.

  • It should also be able to show the companies employers and their e-mail and phone number.

  • A features that could be great is a support desk or help desk. A popup menu at the button
    where people can write a ticket and get help.

  • Another feature but not necessary could be a FAQ section.

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.