A Brainstorm for features of Themeforest and Codecanyon

I did some brainstorm for the functions of the platform. Some ideas might be good, some not but I believe it’s good to discuss these things.

  1. Sending message to the buyers during update to explain why this update might be important…would be a good feature.

  2. Standardization of versioning. I think it would be useful to have a version tab where we document versions. Most authors do it manually, I think we should standardize it… Also it would be great to keep some old versions downloadable or even create branches for different users and purposes.

  3. Question Answer tab…where we can list some FAQ and users may also add their questions. (as in Amazon)

  4. Let Themeforest authors offer special price for codecanyon authors so that we can test them all. There are many popular themes (avada, x, bridge…) and it’s really hard to buy them all and test with them.

  5. Permit updates from trusted authors. Why not? If an author achieved some level, why don’t you permit him/her to update software directly?

  6. Scan uploads during the process. There are many warnings you can show during upload. Why not? Why to wait many days if user has basic mistakes like using simple functions.

  7. Let us add an excerpt to the detail section instead of listing product details. To clarify, what I mention is the details below title when the user searches.

  8. Mid-status for the file in which you don’t sell but the previous buyers can download. This may be needed when you fix an important bug.

  9. and a new forum to discuss this kind of feature requests.