A BIG Thanks - My first withdrawal payment!

Just wanted to say a BIG Thanks to both Envato and anyone who has ever licensed anything from me! I just received my first ever withdrawal payment and it was more than I expected (I thought we got paid in AUD but it turns out it’s USD).

Anyway, It’s already been invested in some new equipment, namely a 4K DJI Osmo Camera, so here’s to some new content in 4K!

Thanks again everyone!
All the best!


Congrats! I’m getting an Osmo at some point, maybe this month. Off travelling this year so need something compact and light, without the need for a bulky tripod or stabiliser. Looks like it fits the bill, and seems to be a pretty impressive bit of kit! I hear the footage quality isn’t perfect, especially at night, but should be good enough in daylight.

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My Osmo is in the post! Just need to book that flight with Virgin Galactic and I can get some lovely, stabilised, live-action space shots!