A Big Milstone !! 1000 Sales



Hello Hello,
Today i have reached to 1000 sales alhamdulilah and its a big milestone for me, October 2016 was the best month of my videohive career so far, thanks to the great customers. Thanks you Envato :slight_smile:
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Congratulations !!! another 1000 sales soon !))):grinning:


Congrats! Keep going!


Congrats! @ziatabarak :tada:


Congratulations! @ziatabarak :sparkles:


Congratulations brother :tada: May Allah bless you with more success :slight_smile:


Thanks alot :slight_smile:


Thanks @AlekseyZhdanov @WildLion_Production @LuckyBlackCat @AlekseyZhdanov @janxcode_team


Congrats !!!


It’s a huge achievement, mate!!! My CONGRATULATION to you!! Keep up!!! :slight_smile:


Great work @ziatabarak !!! Congratulations!!!