A better way to deregister a theme or plugin?

I completely understand the necessity of registration codes and the general “one site, one install” rule. But the hoops I’ve often jumped through to get one site deregistered so I can use a theme or plugin I purchased on another shouldn’t be this complex. There has to be a better method than emailing the author and asking them to switch the registration. Is there a more timely process I’m missing?


Yes, purchasing a new code/item.

Thanks for the reply.

That’s not entirely true. I have a handful of themes that provide tools to deregister a license for one site and reregister it on another—there’s no need to repurchase. I’ve done it multiple times with automated tools provided by the developer for just that reason.One site is deleted, the license is re-established for another.

My question was more of if Envato had an official method or it it was up to the developer.

Will always be up to the developer - as envato don’t own items they do not manage the registration past providing a purchase code meaning the responsibility sits with the author.

You can try using a plugin like “WP Reset” to deregister the theme or plugin from the current site. Some developers also offer a self-service portal where you can manage your activations. Check the developer’s documentation or account settings for such options.