A better way than just a banner to Elements

@DREAMYARD_Visuals @secondfalseiteration Please do not give up, I am full of energy to continue the conversation with you! :slight_smile: Although in my post I asked Envato staff for a response, but while I’m waiting for this, I’m ready to communicate with you guys too.

To stay within the topic, I would like to ask you another few questions. Even if my idea is not accepted by Envato, what do you think, if most authors will place their portfolio on Elements, how long will this balance last? I mean, If almost all items will add to the Elements, and the banner will continue to hang on the main market, how long will most of the market’s visitors not switch to the Elements subscription and will help to maintain the balance you are talking about? Or do you think that increasing the number of authors and items on Elements will not affect the balance you are trying to save when you speaking against my idea? Hope for your answers, guys. :slight_smile:

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I’m a customer of Elements and I ended up buying more items from the regular marketplace because as of today, Elements sucks in terms of “quality”. It’s like they chose the stuff that wasn’t selling just to grab our money. I feel I got scammed on Elements and honestly, I doubt I’ll renew the subscription.


Almost a week has passed, but so far no one from Envato staff has left his comment on this idea. Did Envato staff left the forum and no longer communicate with the authors?

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Ok. I will wait for an answer.

The advertisement is engine of the trade!!!