a ask about themes

Hi to all:

I want make psd and html, a ask:

Do I can copy idea shapes other design themesforest but no same styles, for example screen:

its will approved themeforest? please help me thanks.

Be creative, those are some simple sections! You can make them even better with bit of work.

If you copy anything from anyone, it will not assure you an item approval. that’s for sure. It depends on your level of attention to details.

Good Luck!

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A ask is not a question sentences, It should be May I ask ? Can I ask ?
“want” in your context followed by verb so you should say “I want to make psd and html”
“Do I can” never heard of that :thinking: I used to hear “Can I do”, “I do can” and both have different meaning.

Sorry but your English makes me feel little headache :neutral_face:


Many thanks I will make creative regards.