A ask about register username of envato

Hi to all:

If I will register more account of envato will locked my ip or account? please help me because I not want problem of envato many thanks.


hi Jeri, as for i know a lot of people have at least two accounts, and it does not seem that anyone has a problem … the legitimate thing should be to be able to have 2, one exclusive and one non exclusive, now this is better to check with someone who can tell u accurately


@mgscoder u are an expert of every technical thing, pls confirm if this is ok to do pls

Many thanks, I can use multiple account but tax information same information my first account ‘JeriTeam’ but NOT false information, it’s u agree? I will register new account but non-exclusive I will sell other marketplace.

As far I know one can create multiple accounts but definitely going through contact Envato Support and their guideline. One can make one exclusive and one non exclusive account. To go with multiple accounts you have to follow Envato Terms. So, The best thing doing this through Envato Support guideline and their permission.