A ask..... about inages any models, background etc graphicriver

hello I can buy in license extended photodune for I can use any image for create flyer in file buyer graphicriver?

thank you.

You’d still need permission from the author.

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Thank you.

@SpaceStockFootage Can you use free stock for background etc to create a flyer for buyer stock? I still have a lot of doubts, thank you.

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No you can’t, you can ONLY use your own images that you made by yourself.
Use other ones images, stocks or what ever is not allowed.
Also no images from Freepik, Shutterstock or any site is NOT allowed.

So buy yourself a camera of mobile phone and make your own images.
Or else you will never get anything approve in GR.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

@Thedemonjester Why have I seen other authors approved images stock models in graphicriver’s flyer?

How do you know that?
Maybe they made there own graphics.

The second reason is that their quality is much better.
I saw a couple of flyers from you on the forum where you asked for help but the overall quality is
not very good.
You must learn a lot to get things get approved on this marketplace.
If you learn the basics about, color, typo, hierarchy, balance etc. you increase your chance.
And it must be also an unique design.
Every designer must start from zero, even the top designers here on this place.

So hope you will work on it to be a better designer.

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A ask… do you can help me better my flyer?

This flyer is not mine, it’s another author in graphicriver. I got an image preview for example, it already has a design background as an image stock is approved graphicriver. I don’t understand why it is like that, but they say that you can’t download stock images for a buyer’s file.

[image removed]

Im sorry i don’t help you, you got to do it all by yourself.
Im do not create flyers or anything for Envato.
Don’t want to sell my items for just $7.

In real life i create and sell flyers between $60 and $140 with very high custom made designed artworks. Don’t need markedplaces.
So don’t want to deal with reviewers that will rejects items within 1 minute while i create it in 4-7 hrs.

If you will learn the basics about typo, light and shadow, balance, contrast etc. and then create great artworks that you can add in flyers then maybe you got your flyers get approved.
But it gives you no guarentees.
But for now what i have seen in your forums your flyers are very the same as tons of approved and rejected items on GR.
Nothing special at all.

So go to learn and practice every day about 4 hrs.

I already found a solution, you already closed this topic please, thank you.