A ask about file for buyer download wordpress


I am not expert to sell envato but I would like know If I not need design wordpress for file buyer for example a plugin “elementor” than without designs in file for example “index.php” themeforest will to approved it? Sorry for my question, thank you.

without design no item can be approved. At first look your buyer will look design then will check functionality. and for some category design is the most important thing like WordPress theme.

I think that you don’t understand me…

this no need code… this mean no need design in file index.php but I would like design a plugn Elementor

This mean to design page(s) customer don’t need coding knowledge because the theme has built with drag and drop page builder (Elementor). Customer will be able to design their required page using the drag and drop page builder. WordPress is a CMS where customer can mange their page content through drag and drop page builder or the WordPress core visual composer.

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Yes, I want to design Elementor Only :slight_smile: thank you so much…

That’s fine but you are an author and you have to code your own theme to make compatible with drag and drop page builder and/or WordPress core visual composer. Also you have to code your own theme. That features only for customers who don’t want to code by themselves, just want to use page builder.

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I don’t can buy visual composer because I not have money, but elementor is very good free but I not need buy a license…

you can use Elementor.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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