9th soft reject



1.1. http://envato.d.pr/1i46h/4ej7kRlv

.ds_store can’t exist because I remove all that kind of files from my mac and set to not create any. Any other reviewer do not show this as a bug. Probably reviewer installing theme create this files.

iframes - their are create by core wp_oembed_get functions - so I can’t create video or soundcloud posts? I have installed Theme Check Plugin + Themeforest check plugin and there is no errors for theme.

And second - when I look at accepted blogs with video post, all have iframes. What a mess is in review queue …


I had the same .ds_store problem , I think you can’t turn off .ds_store file creation on El Capitan or Yosemite … I usually delete all .ds_store right before packing my files and uploading them .

About your second problem … Why do you have to hard code the embed code ? Why don’t you let your buyers copy and paste the embed code from soundcloud / youtube or whatever they want and paste it to a specific meta field instead ? I’ve been doing that for years and I never had any problem with TF reviewers .

Good luck .


You need to look into your code again to solve this issue or give them the solid reason why you are unable to clear the soft rejection reason. Another way is to ask the reviewer to send the screen shot of the code and the file name where the problem exist. They will surely guide you and you will easily be able to come out of this problem. Thanks a lot


I know where the problem is - iframe which are in every blog theme in this shop if their use video or audio post.


wp_oembed_get does generate iframe code.
so, it is forbidden now?


only God knows that … Unfortunately, but not commandments were written down … the funny is that 8 other reviewers do not say nothing about it ,maybe they like I also installl theme check + themeforest check plugin from 2013 which hide some “info”.