999 sales! Thanks For All !!

Hi to all, 999 sales and one sale another will be 1000 :slight_smile:

one thing that i wish from envato is to give me a chance to be envato elements contributor… and thanks for all.


yeah right, and lambo huracan, two trucks of vodka and one month in burj al arab :slight_smile:

joking here :wink: congratulations :slight_smile: be happy and keep working :slight_smile: hehe

Hello, not sure for Vodka, and Huracan but they will give you Burj khlifa trip if you hit 1m$ target I think …

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https://elite.envato.com/ for more info. :slight_smile:

Yes i know this elite envato page - and as you can see… you can get 7 days in burj al arab when you sold items worth 25 millions dollars hehehehe + you get first commercial flight to space if it will be possible or you can choose where you want to go and they will pay for this :slight_smile:

Nice number) congrats!)