95% Physically Challenged author Arnab Kumar Looking for a Fixed salary job


At first Happy Christmas to all of you also Happy New Year wishes from my side.
I don`t know is this right place or not for my prayer. But I got any mistake please consider to me.

As I shared my real life story before though Envato community which is here

so I think now you know everything about my skills and also personal life.
Anyway, In this time I have not earned a lot of money from here (Envato). I am earning a very little amounts of money every three months or like that.

So I need a fixed salary job related my skills which I have. I have also opened an Envato studio a/c there for more earn but that is not also sufficient for me.

So . My two prayer to Envato which I am going to mention bellow -

  1. Please remove my items commission + tax, If need any official paper prove from my side I will submit that. (like 95% physically challenged certificate from my Indian gov with my video to prove)

  2. I am looking for a daily basis company remote job with fixed monthly salary related my skills.

Please do something my Envato for me I really need help from you…

What more is there to say?

Note: If I made a lot of hassle on Envato through this topic then I really sorry from my heart and please consider to me.
Thank you

hi hope u find what u need Arn, but if u really want envato to hire you, why u don’t simply try to send them your resume and application rather than posting a thread?

I am going for this…