900K views video with watermarked item (help to find the author)

Hi guys, just found this video wich got in one day 900k views with an watermarked file as intro,
I think this is not cool at all (or it is?), let’s find the author ! :slight_smile:

Its registered with AdRev:

That means the author gets paid anyway, right, so it’s ok ? (I’m new, and not sure how adrev works)

Yes, the author probably gets more money this way then by selling a license. (Not that that makes it okay to steal music)

Got the point, Thank you for explanation @Hyperprod ! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! And welcome to AudioJungle :grinning:

@Hyperprod thank you are too kind. But can I ask also… Soundizer finds only tracks that are registred with adrev ? (Can’t find any of my items there)

No, its not connected to AdRev at all I think. I think its supposed to find all music on AJ, but its not always working as it should.

ok, Thank you for your time and good luck with sales in august. :slight_smile:

Topic closed! :slight_smile:

Thanks, you too!

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