9 rejected tracks

Hi everyone! I am a new autor. I know, I am not a best author in the world, but 9 reject and no accepted track at all! What actually I am doing wrong, may be where is one similar reason? Extremely need feedback! Thx for help!

Thanks for nothing! That is really great support for a new authors. We got 2 articles like, you know - be perfect and keep smiling. And if you are in a quandary - connect with our super helpful community. well… OK!

Hi Tiger_zone,

the first track sounds good to me, I think this has commercial potential but I’m not skilled in Chill Hip Hop, then for sure here someone could be more helpful…
The other tracks sounds to me too experimental, but it is only my opinion… sorry if I can’t to give you some advices, I wish you all best and I hope you can find the right way to compose something with a greater commercial value!

Thank you!

I would feel a bit miffed too.
I have no advice for you as my fist batch is all but rejected on ‘quality’. There is no quality issue in your tracks to my ears. I agree it sounds experimental, but you’d think a music library has a place for all niches. That said, I think some of it’s quite typical of some current b’roll tracks that YouTubers are using, so I’d say there’s a commercial value in a few of those tracks at least. But who am I to judge :wink:

If were to second guess what AJ look for, and putting myself in your shoes, I’d get rid of some of the ‘shocking’ sounds and melodies and make it a little more ‘background’ and perhaps show some quicker progression in the structures and build ups. But again…who am I to judge! Hope that helps.

AJ team always send the same standard message when a track is hard rejected.
Once I had a track hard rejected, but this time they send me a feedback… saying… “interesting ideas but the track is quite experimental”.
Maybe this can asnwer … I think they don’t like too much experimental sounds and music, maybe because this could be distracting … ?
good luck!

Production wise you are perfectly fine. But keep an eye on the mood: most of your tracks are very somber, slow and dense. And stock music tends to be either very cheerful or pumping and aggressive. Remember, your goal is to elevate advertisements and make them appealing and catchy.

Unfortunately, audiojungle reviewers don’t like these type of tracks. They sound different, but in a good way. I would accept minimum 2 tracks… Maybe some day they will expend the horizon. “hiphop2 preview” man, what a bounce… I am listening the track for the third time. Maybe you should try some other libraries for these tracks, anyway good luck!

Thank so much to all of you guys!