9 Milion Item for Sale !!


Woww! Envato now has 9 Milion item for sale!! Congratulation Envato!!


That’s all items from all 8 marketplaces. Most of them are from PhotoDune (~ 7 Mio).

ThemeForest has about 21K which is pretty saturated too.


Sorry i think it just for themeforest… Lol… Thank you


hi buddy, no, congratulations to authors who made it happen because for items to be accepted, they have to be a good quality enough to be on sale here (they could have much much more if no rejection by the way, which proves what i am saying), which basically implies a lot of work from all guys … so if there’s someone to congratulate first that’s authors


lol that would be really huuuuuuuuuuuge lol


I think if you’re author here, you’re the part of envato community, right?


i am … that’s why i think that we have to congratulate ourselves for the achievement … besides u talked about community but we (authors) make it happen


Yes, you’re absolutely right! I totally agree with you :slight_smile:


happy that u do buddy :wink: