9 days waiting for review it's an abuse!

I just want say that it’s bit abusing , usually it’s 5 days now going over 9 days without notice or email
it’s more than ridiculous! Envato you doing enough money to hire more people to do the job ! i’ll move from this website if the abuse will carry on like that !

No ‘notice or email’ required, projected review times are all in here… http://quality.market.envato.com/codecanyon

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just few days ago was 5 days ? now is 12 ? new rules without notice ??

I wouldn’t put too much thought into it if I was you. They seem to be experiencing some growing pains… which is good news when you think of it. Be patient and give it a little extra time. I would definitely not give up at this point.

And if it’s a Wordpress, PHP, Plugin, mobile, app or .NET item then it should take around 12 days, according to that page.

The more items in the queue, and the longer those items take to deal with… the longer the queue gets. Combine that with weekends, unplanned absence, annual leave and a whole host of other factors… and it’s impossible for any queue to remain a constant length all the time.

I’m pretty confident they haven’t implemented a new ‘rule’ that all items must take at least 12 days to get reviewed. And if that’s the case, there’s no requirement to provide notice for new rules that don’t exist.

I send a PHP script and it’s now 11 in the day 7 I send a test product ( just .js ) to see if they will respond and the .js product ( test ) has rejected and I send the new item ( complete ) and I have 2 waiting for scripts!
the first is 11 day
the second 2 days

If this makes you feel good, think about VideoHive - Stock Videos Category review time = 150+ days.


So 7-12 days is just perfect than 150 :slight_smile:

PHP scripts are currently at 11 days, and JS is at 2 days… so nothing out of the ordinary there. Keep in mind that not much reviewing takes place over the weekends, so they should be reviewed tomorrow, or probably Tuesday at the latest.

guys hire people to help you in reviewing!

How much would you be willing to contribute to this endeavour? Maybe a monthly fee to cover their wages, or a charge per review could work better?

All that is going to do is to waste the reviewers time and slow the process even further.

We saw a couple of files here recently where authors intentionally sent half-finished items and actually asked for a soft rejection just so they could get a review at the stage they were at.

It’s been discussed endlessly but hiring more reviewers is not the answer.

When there are (literally) tens if not hundreds of thousands of items submitted monthly then what difference is (a feasible volume of) more reviewers going to make?

I know that no one wants to admit it but it would make a lot more of a dent in the delays than it would to hire a ton more reviewers if authors:

  1. took the time and respect to be more realistic about their items (just look at how far off many of the items we see shared in these forums are)

  2. stopped sending half complete items