9 Days There are no Sell in my 6 Items [Very Hesitate First Time]


It’s happening first time. I am really unhappy man at this moment. I have 6 items but between 9 days i have not received any sell. I don’t know why it’s happening. With hesitated mind, i am thinking to deleted my items.


For some reason I can’t see on your profile the items- did you end up removing them?
I was just going to say that while I have seen topics on Envato forums with people stating “I have 15 items, I’m making…50pound/w” for example, none of this can be expectation. Both 9 days and 6 items seem like very little- I think you should give it a little more chance. The whole Envato market is very big, and if you are new to it, it will take time with people to find you- especially if you aren’t posting new items regularly.