9 days for item review, why?


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As you know, your item will be reviewed, sometimes it just takes a little longer. Just have patience as always :slight_smile:

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Thank you <3

Has it been reviewed or not yet?

Yet no, not come my email

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10 days ago

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I think there is a problem, they didn’t review my item too which I uploaded 4 days ago

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I’m still waiting, I didn’t get the mail

I’m on hold as well, nothing happening.

They might be replacing reviewers :wink:

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14 days and counting

15 days for me :frowning: and counting

and they didnt even make an announcement of what is the reason of this hold up. A billion dollars company in the most unprofessional way.

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Hope so.
The old reviewers must come back, Egotype, Constantin Pontorac, At-hh.
They had more skills then some Mexican reviewers today.


16 days gone and still file in queue.

Envato should reason authors why it’s happening. Its not giving motivation to create new items.

So when it will be approved tommorow, time is up for selling for 4th of july.
So you have designed the flyer for nothing.

You can wait :slight_smile: