8th Soft Rejection. Need Feedback and Suggestions

We have been trying to get an HTML template approved. So far we have had 8 soft rejections.
here is the link: Symmetry,creativecube.pk
The last feed back was specifically for the first home page (home page 1) and said parts of the design feel simplistic and the flow of the page needs to be improved.
Any and all help is much appreciated.

Are you sure that this was soft-rejected? To me, this looks more like a hard reject. I would advise you to find a designer, this will be tough job to get approved with eyes that were building this.

You are right , we cant seem to figure out whats missing or what we are doing wrong. Hence the cry for help.

Hi there

You have some good ideas but many things do not look good. I like the 3d stuff.

  • menu needs work. I mean the menu should be easy to look at and navigate.

  • What they say section you cannot see the text only the image because it blends into the white background.

  • ccube footer looks un finished. meaning looks too plain no borders to separate the sections.

  • parallax images do not work correctly they disappear and very jumpy.

  • Not enough page content in pages.

  • Images are not the greatest.

  • Over all the theme is nothing special really other than the 3d stuff.

Hope this helps, Cheers


Thank you so much that was really helpful. We will get to it hopefully we can improve the design and make it more attractive.
Any other suggestions/advice ? Would really love to hear what other experienced designers/developers have to say.