800 sales in one year!!!



Audiojungle has been so much fun! Getting sales here is like getting a bit of freedom for free. No difficult clients (wanting you to change your music), total artistic freedom… its the future!
I wonder what this year has in store… I’m gonna focus on high quality tracks… :smiley:


Congrats @AVOCADO_SOUND !!! Coool !!!


Amazing @AVOCADO_SOUND :slight_smile: Congratulations! It really feels very good to be able to sell our music in this amazing marketplace & community!


Congrats!) :champagne: :blush:


Great result! My congrats!


@AVOCADO_SOUND congrats! keep it up :smiley:


Congrats! And I must say you’ve got some amazing tracks there( those jazz-rock-blues-electronic ones) best wishes!


Thats great @AVOCADO_SOUND :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Congrats Mickey! :slight_smile:

You have unique tracks in your portfolio and you also have a track in my favorite AJ tracks : https://audiojungle.net/collections/6102434-my-favorite-tracks-on-audiojungle

And to be honest I do agree with all you said about AJ except this: [quote=“AVOCADO_SOUND, post:1, topic:88723”]
total artistic freedom

We all know that right?


Agreed :slight_smile: The freedom + constant dribble of sales makes you motivated to produce yet another tune, whichever genre you fancy at the moment. Good luck with future sales as well!


Glad to hear you’re doing well, I love your portfolio, really sounds amazing, all the best in the future!


Great, Man!)


Thanks man!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Well… haha…


Wow! Great! My Congratulations


Congratulations on a great year! Hope your 2017 is even better :tada:


Congrats! Keep them coming!


Wow it’s great!!! Congratulations :wink:


Congrats! Thats a number👍


Congratulations, is great…


Congratulations :thumbsup: