8 Months Work = Hard Reject


Hi Guys, after spending 8 months working on this project I got a Hard Reject. It is my 1st theme, but with no feedback review to help me out, can anyone shed some light on the issues with my theme?




hi indeed, i do not thin that this is worth the drive spending so much time on something, u have no guaranty at all that u can make it all the same in the end , so u should concentrate on maybe smaller project … i just hope that at least u have a back up plan and manage to sel you item in another marketplace :slight_smile:


It overal looks like basic and unfinished.

Learn More about the premium themes/templates, Typography, visual hierarchy.


I just updated the link, it now shows the correct demo for my theme.


Hi guys any other thoughts or ideas on why my theme was Hard Rejected?

Thanks in advance.


I’m an audio guy, not a designer or developer. But i’ve checked your theme and it runs very slowly. Scrolling is laggy and overal feel is very unresponsive. Maybe you want to improve it :wink:

And typgraphy. Those fonts with gradients and shadows looks very outdated to me.


Might have been accepted back in the day, but the design looks quite outdated. Some of the images look pretty bad, logo looks very basic, the colours aren’t very complimentary, too many drop shadows, the fonts could be better, that email icon near the bottom is massive etc etc.

Not sure if the code is any good. I had a Spectrum ZX81 way back when, which I programmed a couple of choose your own adventure games on, but they didn’t have Wordpress back then, so I’m not too sure about such things. But if the code is good, then hopefully it will take considerably less than eight months to get the design up to scratch. Just needs more of a premium feel to it in my opinion.


make a partnership with some good designer and put new design on your item.

good luck