8 months under review. Is this normal?

If it’s normal, honestly, it seems like a delirium.
A cordial greeting.

Lol. No, that’s not normal at all. Try to contact envato about this. Maybe they forgot you or haven’t noticed somehow your submissions.

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Hi, here you can check Review Turnaround For VideoHive:

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Thanks, but according to my calculations, 8 months are about 200 days …


That’s not normal, thats a reason not to cooperate. They don’t appreciate your time uploading and going through the hole process. Good to read this. I had a service request just now and they just turn me down.
There are plenty of stock sites to sell your video on, I suggest you spend your time on their service.

Well it is normal, because everyone is in the same boat. If you got all your stuff reviewed within a week… that wouldn’t be normal.

Oh yeah… u mean this boat, right?


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Some passengers may be drowning, but the ship is very much afloat!