70 Days and NO review!!! Themeforst

This is inadmissible, i have contacted already Envato about this, received generic answer: soon will be…

wow is this true? this is a lot of time but we have nothing to do on this but wait… :slight_smile:

70 days and not reviewed even once? SMH. How come it’s taking so long for some authors (even Elite ones) while some others reported recently to have gotten their items approved in like 40-50 days (which too is an inexcusably long time TBH)? Yes we get it, Envato gets truckloads of submissions everyday. But why this anomaly in the number of days?

Still NO review!!!


Oh, Is so long time to wait :disappointed_relieved: Although you are an elite author and 70 days with no review?? So what about the new authors!! and what if someone wait all this time and get rejected item? Explicitly this is becoming unbearable :rage: please envato find an urgent solution for that!!
I wish you luck and patience, And remind you again shown patience!!

I’ve just got first review after 50 days

62 days and still no review, there is a complete disrespect to Power Elite authors.

Holy cow…

Looks like Elite and Power Elite statuses are just a “show off” and an indicator of how much money you earned without any benefits except badge. I believe they are trying to find a way to get rid of review process or make it fully automatic.

That’s clearly a system issue that needs to be addressed. There are new authors getting reviewed in 30-40 days and the average right now is 28 days. Considering you earned some privileges being a power elite author, you definitely should contact the Elite Manager @BenLeong

Edit: It seems like they might have fixed the de-prioritization of older authors now: What's going on Envato?

I resubmit my soft reject item after 5 days but didn’t get any feedback :frowning: