7 days wait .psd if approved or rejected



Hi to all:

I don’t know what happened? wait 7 days for come email if approved or rejected my .psd :frowning:

But my .psd themeforest only 6 days if ready come email :rage:

Plese help me thanks.

How many days come email if approved or hard rejected my psd?

please help me


So how can we help you? What is your question?


What happened reviewer that more days for come email if approved or rejected?


Those days on the quality site are only a guideline and besides it says 6(working) days so it’s hardly late


Many thanks but already come my email themeforest approved https://themeforest.net/item/don-chef-template-psd-resturant/19274519?s_rank=1 Regards.


Different queues have different review times.


Mamy thanks :slight_smile: regards.

It’s closed forums.