7 days 1 sale. Is the market alive?

i clearly agree with u on this part … now, when we were promised that moving to usa would boost sales gamely, this was much of a speculation that was proved wrong, this is a fact … and i am not talking about what is happening for a week or two …

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Yes, this is certainly my worst month on recent record. But also to be expected in January, it always seems like the second half is much better. We’ll see!

Only you can fix this. Nobody else can convince customers with money to give it to you in exchange for your tunes. So basically you need to market yourself better which is all about perception, and perception is personal.

Don’t waste time blaming factors you cannot control. You have the product. You have the platform. Now try to stand out…

Unfortunately competition in audiojungle is very tough. Surf cost trends down from expensive to mass consumer markets. Work bottom up - on small things. Be of above average intelligence. Niche product can be an idea at this point but this can also mean “market-creating” which is super tough.

Oh and most importantly of all: Get ******* lucky. Yeah, I know i mentioned this already but it’s gotten very competitive nowadays and not just in audiojungle…

Pretty sure while being busy giving advice I missed out on something important, so stay alert :wink: :+1:t5:


But what do you expect people, there is a global financial crisis! The top honchos (the ruling elite, that is) have stopped printing money and accumulate even more from what they have left for us …

So, there is no much money that can go around. It’s that simple …

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Yep. Confirming the same thing over here

You have a lot of sales, you are a cool dude! Cheer up, my support to you! Respect! :sunglasses: :+1:

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Thanks bro!

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I speak as I see that you try, bro! You’re doing fine! :sunglasses: Sales will not leave you, I’m sure!

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15 days 1 sale for me

23 days 1 sale for me. More tracks are coming :sparkles:

It’s really too bad ,18 days 6 sale for me…What is it?

It’s elements-volution baby! Herd behavior.